Save the Grandstands!

Welcome to the beautiful little town of Vernonia! At the center of our town can be seen the historic Greenman Field Grandstands. Standing proudly on the fields for half a century, the grandstands have been an integral part of Vernonia’s community and town life. From school events and football games, homecoming crowds and sporting events, to recreational and musical shows, the stands have seen it all.

In more recent years, the once proud and strong Grandstands have taken a beating from storms and flooding. They have fallen into such disrepair that, even though it was the last season for the Vernonia School District to be present at Greenman Field for football games before their transition to their newly completed field, the crowds could not use the Grandstands.

At this point, the city came into agreement with the Intercultural society to take over the lease of the Grandstands in order to facilitate renovations and repairs. This effort to repair and restore the current historic Grandstands has hit upon the heart strings of the community members of Vernonia.

 The mission of the Grandstands is to restore, preserve and maintain the Greenman Field Grandstands, and to provide event opportunities not only for locals to experience, but also generate new potential revenue in Vernonia, Oregon, while at the same time contributing to the history and promoting the community’s heritage of unity.

You can be a part of saving the Grandstands!!

Interested in donating your time or talent? Are you a skilled carpenter, engineer? Do you have materials you can donate to the renovations? Would you like to make a monetary donation? WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME INVOLVED IN THE PROJECT???? Click here for more information…

Grandstands Capital Campaign

The community views the Grandstands as an integral and historic piece of our history. The former school once located next to the grandstands was demolished, but the grandstands remained on the original site since they were built for flood clearance and thereby met FEMA’s requirements. However, after years of wear and tear, we recognized the… Continue reading Grandstands Capital Campaign

Grandstands Committee

The volunteer members of the Grandstands Committee have worked diligently to receive approval to restore, preserve, and finally maintain the Greenman Field Grandstands. Each has proven instrumental and indispensable throughout the process. It is due to these individuals that this iconic and historic landmark will be saved and preserved for future generations! Meet the team… Continue reading Grandstands Committee