Grandstands Capital Campaign

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The community views the Grandstands as an integral and historic piece of our history. The former school once located next to the grandstands was demolished, but the grandstands remained on the original site since they were built for flood clearance and thereby met FEMA’s requirements. However, after years of wear and tear, we recognized the need to make repairs and renovations to update the facilities and make them safe for the community to use, as well as to build a fund to maintain them after they are fully renovated.

Our $171,500 campaign to renovate, repair, and maintain the Greenman Field Grandstands has been met with great enthusiasm and an extremely positive response.

In sharing this encouraging news, we know that the success of this campaign will depend on the involvement of our entire community as well as numerous businesses, families, contractors, and you!


As of Monday January 7th, we have received city approval for signing of the lease between the city and the Intercultural Society of Vernonia to assume the responsibility for the Grandstands. We are currently working on getting insurance coverage prior to signing the lease, per the city’s requirements. We have a number of bids coming in and will be making a final decision shortly.

December 23, 2019 – Thank you JIM MORRISON – MORRISON CONSTRUCTION for the very generous donation to secure the Grandstands. Very kind of you! Jim will always do a great job for your construction needs here in Vernonia.

December 22, 2019 – Thank you very much to Jon Swart – SWART CONSTRUCTION for so generously donating materials to safely secure the Grandstand entries and rails! Please keep them in mind for your next deck project or remodel!!!

December 20, 2019 – We cannot thank enough Troy, and his team from NORTHWEST SCAFFOLD for their enormous and extremely generous donation of scaffolding design, labor, material, mileage and delivery!!! Your crew came out twice to make sure the job was installed right, and we all can’t say enough how kind and generous NW Scaffold was!! Thank you so very much!!!

After the scaffolding installation and safety barrier are in place
Before the scaffolding installation
NW Scaffolding design

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