More Festivals & Events

The Intercultural Society of Vernonia is dedicated to the promotion of community and cultural growth by organizing and facilitating local festivals, events and projects. Click on each event to find information for the event or festival.

Adult & Children’s Easter Fun!

Adult Easter Egg Hunt SEE MORE EVENT PICTURES! Children’s Easter Egg Hunt Click here for information on the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

While this event is not hosted by the Intercultural Society, we take great pride in all the local events thrown by our community. Event Date: March 17th EVERY YEAR Event Time: 05:15 pm Event Location: Downtown; lineup starts by Napa and will travel towards City Hall. Please line up by 4:45pm! Pictures from Years Past

Halloween in Vernonia

Whether you are new to town, or have lived here for years, Vernonia has certain traditions and fun pasttimes that the Intercultural Society of Vernonia has hosted for years. Please click on the links below to check out the dates and times for each, and above all, have fun!!! Halloween Children’s Parade

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