1st Annual Rubber Duck Race!

April 24, 2021 @ 11am

At the bridge by Shay Park

1st Place:

Cash prize $250.00!!!

2nd and 3rd place: gift certificate to a local business!



Duck #’s HAVE ALL BEEN assigned. Email vernoniasociety@gmail.com if you did not receive your numbers in an email.

Ducks will be dropped from the Bridge Street Bridge at Rock Creek and Race to the Nehalem River!

First duck to cross the finish line will Win!

Want to sponsor the race? Donate Here:

Please contact Nicole at 503-701-5928 for how to donate, or click link.


Any donation amount is accepted!

  • $100 comes with 1 free duck, FB Thank you, recognition at finish line
  • $250 comes with 2 free ducks, FB Thank you and Name listed as Gold Sponsor
  • $500 Comes with 4 free ducks, FB Thank you, Name listed as Platinum Sponsor and Thank you in The Vernonia Voice

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All the games and music was a nice addition this year!!! Thank you for helping to show our family and friends a great time! Potato snack race kids had a blast!

Jamie Niederkorn

Fabulous work by such a hard-working caring crew. Vernonia is so very lucky to have so many wonderful events. Thank you everyone!

Ali Bond