NON-Food Vendor

We have a $50.00 registration fee for all NON-Food vendors. Please be sure to change the quantity (if needed) to reflect that fee.

Vendor Registration Fee

$75 – Commercial Food and Beverage Vendor $50 – Commercial NON-Food Vendor $25 – Non-Profit and/or Youth Vendor BE SURE TO CHANGE QUANTITY TO MATCH YOUR VENDOR-TYPE FEE:


Step 2 –Submit Your Vendor Info:

Please email all required additional documentation/ licenses to

For information on how to acquire a temporary restaurant license contact: Columbia County Temporary Restaurant License: DHD Public Health, Mark Eddington, PO Box 995, St Helens OR 97051 Phone (800)244-4870

Additional questions?

Please contact Stacey Pelster (503) 537-8128 or email at