Children's Easter Egg Hunt

CHILDREN’S EASTER EGG HUNT UPDATE: We at the Intercultural Society of Vernonia are working hard, as usual, to bring local events to our town. So it was rather sad when all the current restrictions by our governor meant we couldn’t hold our Children’s Easter Egg Hunt! We thought, and thought, and EUREKA!…thought, why can’t we bring the hunt to the kids?!?!?!
So here is the new plan:On Easter Saturday, April 11th, the Easter Bunny will be visiting the homes of kids all around town (restricted to within city limits only). The Easter Bunny will be leaving eggs in the lawns of those children to spread a little cheer. If the kiddos see the Easter Bunny, please keep them at a little distance (pics can be arranged) until he has gone before setting them loose on the treasure!

We have only a limited supply, unfortunately, and can only bring this little bit of joy to 150 children. So if you would like the Easter bunny to visit your children, please PM the Intercultural Society of Vernonia with your address and number of children. Once we reach our limit, we will let folks know.

All we ask is that after Easter, if you could please, take all the egg shells down to City Hall and deposit them in the container we have outside the front door of the building. We would also love to collect any other egg shells you may have.

Donations to cover the cost is also welcome but not necessary and can be made on our donation button here:

Children’s Easter Donation

Help us cover costs of the eggs and candy for the kids. If we receive more donations, we may even be able to increase the number of kids we can visit!!!! The donation button will allow quantities of $25. If you would like to donate more, please choose the quantity


Pictures From Years Past!

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